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Complete factory service repair manual for the Toyota Forklift 5FG10-30 5FD10-30 Series.This manual contains service, repair procedures, assembling, disassembling, wiring diagrams and everything you need to know. Models: 1.0 ton: 02-5FG10 40-5FG10 42-5FG10 5FD10 02-5FD10 1.35 ton: 5FG14 02-5FG14 40-5FG14 42-5FG14 5FD14 02-5FD14 1.5 ton: 5FG15 02-5FG15 40-5FG15 42-5FG15 5FD15 02-5FD15 1.75 ton: 5FG18 02-5FG18 40-5FG18 42-5FG18 5FD18 02-5FD18 2.0 ton: 5FG20 02-5FG20 40-5FG20 42-5FG20 5FD20 02-5FD20 60-5FD20 62-5FD20 2.25 ton: 5FG23 40-5FG23 42-5FG23 5FD23 02-5FD23 60-5FD23 62-5FD20 2.5 ton: 5FG25 02-5FG25 40-5FG25 5FD25 02-5FD25 60-5FD25 62-5FD25 2.75 ton: 5FG28 02-5FG28 5FD28 02-5FD28 60-5FD28 62-5FD28 3.0 ton: 5FG30 02-5FG30 5FD30 02-5FD30 60-5FD30 62-5FD30 Service Repair Manual Covers GENERAL ENGINE CLUTCH TORQUE CONVERTER TRANSMISSION PROPELLER SHAFT DIFFERENTIAL FRONT AXLE REAR AXLE STEERING BRAKE BODY MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM MAST CYLINDER OIL PUMP OIL CONTROL VALVE ================================================== High Quality PDF Manual,All pages are printable. Instant Download No Shipping Cost No Need to Wait For A CD-ROM File Format PDF Language English Compatible All Versions of Windows & Mac Requirements Adobe PDF Reader Thanks for visiting!.