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Complete factory service repair manual for the Hitachi ZAXIS ZX850-3 ZX850LC-3 ZX870H-3 ZX870LCH-3 Hydraulic Excavator. This manual consists of three portions: the Technical Manual (Operational Principle), the Technical Manual (Troubleshooting) and the Workshop Manual. Information included in the Technical Manual(Operational Principle): technical information needed for redeliver and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems. Information included in the Technical Manual(Troubleshooting): technical information needed for operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures. Information included in the Workshop Manual: technical information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, and removal/installation and assemble/disassemble procedures. Service Repair Manual Covers: WORKSHOP MANUAL SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION Group 1 Precautions for disassembling and Assembling Group 2 Tightening Torque Group 3 Painting Group 4 Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil Tank SECTION 2 UPPERSTRUCTURE Group 1 Cab Group 2 Counterweight Group 3 Main Frame Group 4 Pump Device Group 5 Control Valve Group 6 Swing Device Group 7 Pilot Valve Group 8 Pilot Shut-Off Solenoid Valve Group 9 Solenoid Valve Group 10 Signal Control Valve Group 11 Shockless Valve Group 12 Fan Motor Group 13 Fan Valve Group 14 Engine SECTION 3 UNDERCARRIAGE Group 1 Swing Bearing Group 2 Travel Device Group 3 Center Joint Group 4 Track Adjuster Group 5 Front Idler Group 6 Upper and Lower Roller Group 7 Track SECTION 4 FRONT ATTACHMENT Group 1 Front Attachment Group 2 Cylinder TECHNICAL MANUAL (Operational Principle) SECTION 1 GENERAL Group 1 Specification Group 2 Component Layout Group 3 Component Specifications SECTION 2 SYSTEM Group 1 Controller Group 2 Control System Group 3 ECM System Group 4 Hydraulic System Group 5 Electrical System SECTION 3 COMPONENT OPERATION Group 1 Pump Device Group 2 Swing Device Group 3 Control Valve Group 4 Pilot Valve Group 5 Travel Device Group 6 Signal Control Valve Group 7 Others (Upperstructure) Group 8 Others (Undercarriage) TECHNICAL MANUAL (Troubleshooting) SECTION 4 OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE TEST Group 1 Introduction Group 2 Standard Group 3 Engine Test Group 4 Excavator Test Group 5 Component Test Group 6 Adjustment SECTION 5 TROUBLESHOOTING Group 1 Diagnosing Procedure Group 2 Monitor Unit Group 3 Dr. ZX Group 4 ICF Group 5 Component Layout Group 6 Troubleshooting A Group 7 Troubleshooting B Group 8 Electrical System Inspection ================================================== High Quality PDF Manual,All pages are printable. Instant Download No Shipping Cost No Need to Wait For A CD-ROM File Format: PDF Language: English Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader , WinZip Thanks for visiting!.