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This manual is a complete factory service repair manual for Hitachi ZX350LC-5B ZX350LCN-5B Hydraulic Excavator. This manual consists of three portions: Hitachi ZX350LC-5B ZX350LCN-5B Technical Manual(Troubleshooting), TECHNICAL MANUAL(Operational Principle) and Hitachi ZX350LC-5B ZX350LCN-5B Workshop Manual. Information included in the Technical Manual(Troubleshooting): technical information needed for operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures and Electrical Circuit Diagram. Information included in the Technical Manual(Operational Principle): technical information needed for redeliver and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems. Information included in the Workshop Manual: technical information needed for maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and devices needed for maintenance and repair, maintenance standards, and removal/installation and assemble/disassemble procedures. Service Repair Manual Covers: WORKSHOP MANUAL SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION Group 1 Precautions for Disassembling and Assembling Group 2 Tightening Group 3 Painting Group 4 Bleeding Air Group 5 Pressure Release Procedure Group 6 Preparation SECTION 2 MAINTENANCE STANDARD Group 1 Upperstructure Group 2 Undercarriage Group 3 Front Attachment SECTION 3 UPPERSTRUCTURE Group 1 Cab Group 2 Counterweight Group 3 Main Frame Group 4 Engine Group 5 Radiator Assembly Group 6 Hydraulic Oil Tank Group 7 Fuel Tank Group 8 Pump Device Group 9 Control Valve Group 10 Swing Device Group 11 Pilot Valve Group 12 Solenoid Valve Group 13 Signal Control Valve Group 14 Muffler Filter Group 15 Fan Pump Group 16 Fan Valve Group 17 Fan Motor SECTION 4 UNDERCARRIAGE Group 1 Swing Bearing Group 2 Travel Device Group 3 Center Joint Group 4 Track Adjuster Group 5 Upper and Lower Rollers Group 6 Track SECTION 5 FRONT ATTACHMENT Group 1 Front Attachment Group 2 Cylinder Group 3 Hose Rupture Valve TECHNICAL MANUAL(Operational Principle) SECTION 1 GENERAL Group 1 Specification Group 2 Component Layout Group 3 Component Specifications SECTION 2 SYSTEM Group 1 Controller Group 2 Control System Group 3 Engine System Group 4 Hydraulic System Group 5 Electrical System SECTION 3 COMPONENT OPERATION Group 1 Pump Device Group 2 Swing Device Group 3 Control Valve Group 4 Pilot Valve Group 5 Travel Device Group 6 Signal Control Valve Group 7 Others (Upperstructure) Group 8 Others (Undercarriage) TECHNICAL MANUAL(Troubleshooting) SECTION 4 OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE TEST Group 1 Introduction Group 2 Standard Group 3 Engine Test Group 4 Machine Performance Test Group 5 Component Test SECTION 5 TROUBLESHOOTING Group 1 Diagnosing Procedure Group 2 Monitor Group 3 e-Service Group 4 Component Layout Group 5 Troubleshooting A Group 6 Troubleshooting B Group 7 Air Conditioner Hitachi ZX350LC-5B ZX350LCN-5B ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Hitachi ZX350LC-5B ZX350LCN-5B HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ================================================== High Quality PDF Manual,All pages are printable. Instant Download No Shipping Cost No Need to Wait For A CD-ROM File Format: PDF Language: English Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader Thanks for visiting.